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Surgery Fees:

Female and Male Dogs $65

Female Cats  $45

Male Cats  $35

Feral Cats  $25 (outdoor cats only; cats will receive vaccines and an ear tip)

If you live in Sangamon County, ask about our $25 rate for pit bulls!


Additional Service Fees (at the time of surgery):      






Rabies 1-year*



Rabies 1-year*


Rabies 3-year*



Rabies 3-year*


Canine distemper



Feline distemper







Heartworm test



Flea preventative


Dewormer, under 50lbs



                over 50lbs



Flea/tick preventative




*In Sangamon County, rabies registration is required and is $9 per year. APL requires that all dogs and cats have a rabies vaccination. If your pet is current on her rabies vaccine, please bring proof of this with you.


Other services available:

Microchip $12

Nail trim $3

NexGard Chews for Dogs 3-pack $46

Heartworm preventative 6-month supply $20-35 by weight

Cheristin for Cats flea preventative 6-pack $50


Scheduling Information

All pets require an appointment. Drop-off Monday-Friday is from 8-8:30am. Pick up is the following morning at 7:30am, or at 4:00 the same day for surgeries performed on Fridays. Please be prompt; we are not able to accommodate late drop-offs and pick-ups.


Please call our office to schedule an appointment: 217-789-7729.


Kittens and puppies can be safely spayed or neutered at 8 weeks old. We recommend spaying or neutering before 5 months of age, before pets hit puberty. Spaying or neutering before 5 months of age ensures your pet won’t have an accidental litter, helps prevent mammary cancer in females, and helps prevent some hormone-related behaviors like urine marking and aggression.

Pre-operative Instructions

  • Dogs 4 months of age and older should have food withheld after midnight the night before surgery.
  • Puppies under 4 months of age and all cats and kittens may have food throughout the night before surgery.
  • All animals may have water through the morning of surgery.


Please inform us if your animal has any prior medical conditions. APL reserves the right to refuse surgery to an animal if a health risk is determined. We will not accept animals exhibiting signs of Upper Respiratory Infection (runny eyes and nose or coughing). 


Please bring all dogs on a leash and all cats in a cat carrier.

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