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Companion animal overpopulation is an epidemic in the United States. The cost, both in terms of animal suffering and money spent, is overwhelming. More dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, are killed by euthanasia than any other diseases combined. More than one billion dollars are spent annually to feed, house and ultimately kill unwanted companion animals. Enough homes do not exist to absorb this overflow.

The Animal Protective League's Spay/Neuter Clinic addresses companion animal overpopulation in  Sangamon County and surrounding communities. This unique high-quality, high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter program performs 30 or more spay/neuter surgeries daily. As a regional facility, we partner with animal control agencies, shelters and rescue groups within a 90-mile radius. Our goal is to defeat the tragedy of companion animal overpopulation by targeting the most prolific populations ... ferals, strays, and other unaltered animals whose owners often cannot afford the cost of spaying or neutering their companion animals or don't have any idea why they should.

Surgeries are done by appointment only. To schedule your pet to be spayed or neutered, please call (217) 789-SPAY (7729), or visit the contact section of our website. For feral cats, please visit our Feral Cat Program section of the website for more information.


Services and Fees:

Female and Male Dogs  $65

Pit Bulls $25

Female Cats  $45

Male Cats  $35

Feral Cats  $25




Additional Services (at the time of surgery only):                   

Rabies 1-year  $10

Rabies 3-year  $13     

Dog and Cat registration, Sangamon County  $9

Canine Distemper  $10    

Bordetella  $10     

Feline Distemper  $10    

Microchip  $12

Frontline for fleas  $10

Dewormer  $6


APL requires that all dogs and cats have a rabies vaccination. If your pet is current on her rabies vaccine, please bring proof of this with you.


Kittens and puppies can be safely spayed or neutered at eight weeks old. All animals over four months of age should have food withheld after midnight the night before surgery. Puppies and kittens four months and younger may have food throughout the night before surgery. All animals may have water until 6:00 a.m. the morning of surgery.


Please inform us if your animal has any prior medical conditions. APL reserves the right to refuse surgery to an animal if a health risk is determined. We will not accept animals exhibiting signs of Upper Respiratory Infection (runny eyes and nose or coughing). 


Please bring all dogs on a leash and all cats in a cat carrier.





If you live outside of Springfield and do not have transportation, there may an organization near you that participates in our transport program. Click on the link below for additional information.


Carevan Pet Program in Decatur:
Sterile Feral/Humane Society of Central Illinois (find the date on the calendar and click to schedule):


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