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Spay/Neuter Clinic

  • All surgeries for dogs, pet cats, and friendly outdoor cats require an appointment. 
  • Appointments are booked online (see below). 
  • Interested in fixing feral cats? Visit our Feral cat page for more info. 
Pricing & Services

We aim to make quality spay/neuter affordable to all clients. We have implemented tiered pricing to ensure care is accessible to everyone, regardless of financial circumstances. Reduced-rate pricing is available to owners who receive food stamps (SNAP/LINK), Social Security Disability (SSD/SSI), or VA disability benefits.

Kittens and puppies may be safely spayed or neutered at 8 weeks old and 2lbs. Cats and dogs may be spayed when in heat or pregnant. We recommend pre-operative bloodwork with your full-service veterinarian if your pet is 8 years old or older. 


To receive reduced-rate pricing, owners must bring proof of Food Stamps, SSD/SSI, or VA disability benefits and a matching photo ID to their pet's appointment.


Regular surgery fees*

  • Cats $70

  • Dogs <60 lbs $200

  • Dogs 60-99 lbs $225

  • Dogs 100+ lbs $250

  • Brachycephalic dog breeds additional $50 (includes Boston terrier, English bulldog, French bulldog, Pug, and others)


Reduced-rate surgery fees (must qualify)*

  • Cats $45

  • Dogs <60 lbs $100

  • Dogs 60-99 lbs $125

  • Dogs 100+ lbs $150

  • Brachycephalic dog breeds additional $50 (includes Boston Terrier, English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Pug, and others)

Feral Cats

  • $30 (unowned, outdoor-only cats; package includes vaccines and ear tip)


Vaccine Packages

  • 1-year rabies, distemper, 1-year Sangamon County rabies tag $30

  • 3-year rabies, distemper, 3-year Sangamon County rabies tag $50

*NOTE: Additional charges apply to cryptorchid males (retained testicle(s)), females with pyometra, and pets requiring umbilical hernia repair. Additional charges may apply to giant breed dogs, severely overweight/obese dogs, geriatric patients, and pets requiring additional medications or special handling.  


Click HERE for a full list of services and fees.

Payment is due at check-in. We accept cash and all major credit/debit cards. (We cannot process Care Credit.)

Drop-off & Pick-up Times

Please be prompt for all appointments times. We may not be able to accommodate late arrivals. Late pick-ups will be assessed a $25 boarding fee. 


Drop-off times

  • Monday-Friday 8:00-8:30am.

Pick-up times

  • Monday-Thursday appointments: 7:30am the morning following surgery

  • Friday appointments: 4:00pm the same day of surgery 

Why do we keep pets overnight Monday-Thursday but not Friday? Your pet requires several hours of recovery time before going home. Because we perform a full day of surgery Monday-Thursday, we keep pets overnight so that they're fully recovered upon release. Fridays we perform a half-day of surgery so that all pets have several hours of recovery before release. Maximizing our time in surgery Monday-Thursday allows us to keep prices low. 

Certain medical conditions may affect your pet's fitness for surgery. Please call or email us if your pet has any of the following conditions: 

  • retained testicle (cryptorchid)

  • heart murmur

  • previous abdominal surgery

  • history of seizures

  • is currently nursing a litter

  • significantly overweight

  • brachycephalic dog breeds including but not limited to Boston Terriers, Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, and Pugs

  • is taking any medications, especially steroids or pain medications

  • any other pre-existing medical conditions


APL reserves the right to refuse surgery to an animal if a health risk is determined. We will not accept animals exhibiting signs of upper respiratory infection, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.


Cancellation/No-Show Policy: If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call (217-789-7729) or email ( us at least one business day in advance. If you do not show up for your appointment you will be required to pre-pay for any future appointments.  

Pre-operative Instructions


  • Dogs 4 months of age and older: No food after midnight. Water is allowed. 

  • Puppies under 4 months old: Do not withhold food or water. Feed a small meal the morning of surgery.

  • Please leave your dog in the car when you arrive and check-in at the clinic lobby. Clinic staff will direct you when to bring your dog indoors. 

  • Please bring all dogs on a leash. 


  • Cats 4 months and older: Do not withhold food; feed like normal. Water is allowed.

  • Kittens under 4 months of age: Do not withhold food or water. Feed a small meal the morning of surgery.

  • Please bring all cats in a carrier. If you do not have cat carrier, you may purchase a cardboard carrier for $5. 


Our veterinarians strongly recommend that your pet's vaccines (rabies, distemper, and bordetella) are up-to-date when coming for surgery. Rabies vaccines are required for all pets and are available for $10 at the time of surgery. If your pet's rabies vaccine is up-to-date, please bring proof of that vaccine to your appointment. APL cannot be held responsible for contagious diseases for which your pet was not previously properly vaccinated. 

Post-operative Instructions

For a full list of post-operative instructions click here.

APL will treat at our clinic, at minimal cost, any post-operative complications resulting directly from the surgery if post-operative instructions have been followed in full. Your regular veterinarian must address illnesses or injuries that are not a direct result of surgery. Please call for an appointment as soon as you see cause for concern: 217-789-7729.

Feral Cat Spay/Neuter

Reduced-cost surgeries are available for outdoor-only unowned cats through our feral cat program. If you are feeding feral cats and would like to get them fixed, we're happy to loan you a live trap to do so! Please call our office at 217-789-7729 to borrow a live trap. All feral cats must stay with us overnight.


Please visit our Feral cat page for more information on our trap/neuter/return program.

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