Pen Pal Program

Sponsoring a room, cage, or kennel a great way to support APL


Want the satisfaction of a physical manifestation of your support for APL? Be a Pen Pal! Sponsor a space in APL's shelter, and you'll be recognized with an engraved metal tag or plaque. Tags will be placed on a dog kennel ($250), cat cage ($100), or outdoor dog run ($100). Donors of $1,000 or more are recognized with a personalized plaque outside the sponsored room.

To join this special group of donors fill out the form below.  If you have questions, contact us here.


Current Cage & Kennel Sponsors through Aug. 31, 2019

Leah Baughman (cat cage)


Tina Schnake Brunk (cat age & dog kennel)


In memory of Dan Malensky (cat cage)

R. K. Rees


In honor of Hank (dog kennel)

Laura Bartman


In honor of Anna Belle (dog kennel)

Margie Higgason


In memory of Cathy Ward (cat cage)

Rose Russell


Clarissa & Thomas Slager (cat cage) 


Quincy—I love you and miss you.(dog kennel)

Barbara Gramlich 


Current Room Sponsors through Oct. 15, 2019

In honor of APL animals, staff and volunteers

F. Lucille Foster


Designer Landscapes, Inc.


Kathy Giannangelo 


In memory of Ronald & Barbara Coleman

Ron Coleman Jr.