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Adoption Specials

march special 2024.jpg
March Special - Adopt a Lucky Charm!

Dogs $50 off
All adult cats (1 year and over) are $20!
*Some exclusions apply*

All dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. That's over a $375 value!

Pets for Seniors Program.jpg
Pets for the Elderly
 Adopt an animal one year and older you can receive $50 off your adoption fee!  Mention the program when submitting your adoption application.

There are a lot of excellent reasons to adopt an adult dog or cat. These pets often find themselves homeless because an owner has passed away, gotten a divorce, or lost a job and cannot care for a pet any longer.

Adult dogs are often housebroken, won't wake you in the middle of the night to play, and have outgrown the desire to shred your couch cushions or munch on your shoes. Adult cats are usually trained to use a litter box, are not destructive, and would rather curl up in your lap than climb your drapes. APL always has a great group of adults, both at our shelter and in foster homes. Please consider adopting one of them.

Better Together Flyer REVISED Final.jpg
Better Together


Adopt one kitten for $50 and get their littermate or cagemate for FREE!

Adopting two kittens has a lot of benefits including:
  • Live-in playmate!

  • Fewer behavioral issues. 

  • Keep each other company. 

  • Increased learning.

  • Better grooming habits.

  • Healthier cats.

  • Save your senior cat's sanity. 

  • Costs remain relatively similar.

  • Twice the love for less work!

Black cats Rule R1.jpg
Black Cats Rule


Thanks to a generous sponsor all black cats over 4 months old are FREE!

Black cats are often the least adopted and most overlooked cats in animal shelters, resulting in many of these wonderful animals being euthanized at local animal controls when they can’t find a loving home. Because they are less likely to be adopted from shelters, they need a special program to bring awareness to this issue, and to encourage people to adopt these amazing animals!

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