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Round up for Rescues!

Rounding up makes sense and cents for APL!


There’s a new, easy way to turn your cents into dollars for the benefit of cats and dogs. Join our Round up for Rescues program and have your credit card and debit purchases rounded up to the nearest dollar, with the difference donated to APL. It’s an easy way for small change to make a big difference for the thousands of cats and dogs APL rescues from homelessness each year.


To start, grab your credit and debit cards, click on the graphic to the right, and set up your Round up for Rescues account with the secure, third-party vendor. Link multiple cards if you want!  Then, every purchase is rounded to the nearest dollar and the total automatically donated to APL at the end of each month.


Frequent credit and debit card users will likely exceed the $9.99 a month minimum donation; if not, the minimum will be rounded up to $10.  That means, for instance, if you’ve accumulated $8.67 through your purchases, an additional $1.33 will be added so that your total donation that month is $10. 


Receipts are provided each month for tax purposes.  Participants may cancel at any time. Getting started is easy!

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