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Foster Homes Needed!

Foster homes are a life-saver for cats and dogs!  Trained volunteers who provide temporary homes for cats and dogs—and especially kittens and puppies—make it possible to save hundreds more of them every year than we can in the shelter alone.  


Want to join this life-saving effort?  Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below.  When you’re ready, submit an application and our Foster Coordinator will contact you.



Cat or dog? Kitten or puppy?

At any given time adults and young animals—sometimes singly and sometimes in litters—are in need of foster homes.  Some just need a quiet temporary home because they are overwhelmed in a shelter environment, others are recovering from surgeries, and still others are so young or medically vulnerable that an attentive foster caretaker is needed.  Choose from adult cats and dogs, puppies, kittens, and mothers with litters. You decide based on your comfort, experience, and lifestyle.

How long is my commitment?

As long as you want.  We have cats and dogs that benefit from just a couple of weeks in a foster home to those who may need to stay until they are adopted into new permanent homes.  Chances are we have an animal that needs you!

What if I have other pets?

​Foster animals should be kept separate from your own animals. Gates, spare rooms, and bathrooms are desirable.  Large wire cages can be used (APL will provide one) if you need to keep small kittens or puppies temporarily confined for their safety.   

Do I pay for veterinary care?

​No!  APL provides all veterinary care to foster animals, including any medications, vaccinations, and spay/neuter.  

What about supplies?

APL provides everything you need!  Food, bedding, litter, crates, training aids, treats, you name it!

What about checkups?

As a foster caretaker, you will bring your animal to the shelter for periodic checkups.  Healthy kittens and puppies, for instance, need vaccines every two weeks; Older animals likely will not need such frequent checkups. Checkups are conducted most weekdays and on Saturdays.

What if I fall in love with my foster?

That’s ok, we want loving foster caretakers!  If you feel like you can’t give up one of your fosters, you are first in line to adopt him or her.  Remember, though, that adopting may impede your life-saving goal of fostering.

How does my foster get adopted?

When your foster is ready for adoption, you may be asked to bring it to the shelter or to take it to weekend adoption events held away from the shelter, usually at Springfield pet stores or on our Mobile Adoption Center.   

How do I get started? 

Just complete the Foster Application!  

Still have questions?

Contact Shanon, our Foster Coordinator, at  She’ll tell you everything you want to know!

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