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Our Programs

It takes a community to help cats and dogs


APL works with pet owners and others to make the community a safe and healthy place for cats and dogs.  Our humane educators give presentations to school-age children, and APL representatives are happy to share with civic groups news of our work.   


APL knows that helping cats and dogs also means helping owners care for their pets.  That’s why we conduct monthly low-cost vaccine clinics to help keep pets healthy; maintain a pet-food bank for owners who need help feeding their pets; and provide online bulletin boards to post lost-and-found animals and also to find new owners for others needing new homes.

Vaccine Clinic

Keeping your pet healthy and happy is your goal and ours.  In an effort to keep pets healthy, we offer low-cost vaccine clinics the third Saturday of every month by appointment at our Spay/Neuter clinic. At these low-cost vaccine clinics healthy cats and dogs can receive important, budget-friendly vaccines (rabies vaccine is required in Sangamon County) and wellness services. These clinics serve animals that are healthy. APL's vaccine clinic is not meant to take the place of yearly wellness exams with your veterinarian. It is important to see your veterinarian for additional recommendations for preventative care, as every animals's needs are unique. Should your animals become ill for any reason it is imperative that you seek veterinary care. Contact us here if you have any questions.

Lost and Found Pets

We are happy to post your lost or found pet as a public service to the community. Please visit our Lost and Found pets page here to submit information.

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