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Report a Lost or Found Pet

We are happy to post your lost or found pet as a public service to the community. We ask that you help us in this endeavor by following these guidelines. All of these are essential in bringing the pet back to their loving home. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


Please gather the following information and fill out the form below:
  1. Animal Information:

    • Animal Type: Dog/Cat

    • Male or Female

    • Color and unique markings

    • Collar with any tag information

    • Microchip information (Any vet clinic, shelter, or animal control facility can scan for a microchip)

    • Location found or location pet is missing from

  2. A clear, up-to-date photo of your lost pet or the pet you found.

  3. Your contact information to include name, email, and phone number.

IN ADDITION ... It is VERY helpful to post color flyers with a picture of your lost pet. Post them all around the area where your pet was lost ... also post the flyers in vet clinics, animal control, and shelters.


Here is more information on how to search for and find your lost dog:

When you find your lost pet of the owner of the animal you found please contact us here and let us know so we can keep our site as up to date as possible!

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