Owned Pets Needing Homes

Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances change in a person’s life, and they can no longer care for their beloved pets. Wonderful loving pets, accustomed to living in real homes with families, find themselves in need of a new homes. We dedicated this page to them.

These pets are not APL animals. They are not at our shelter. We have not met them, so all of the information provided has been supplied by their owners. If you are interested in offering your home to a dog or cat on this page contact the owner directly.


Whatever arrangements you make will be between you and the owner. APL is in no way responsible for the accuracy of the information provided to us. We are posting animals on this page as a public service to the community.

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Autumn is a one year old female cat. She has not been around dogs. She is a sweet cat who likes to be by herself. She shoul not be in a home with kids or cats.

Contact: Michelle at michellegroff71@icloud.com


Roscoe is a 7 and a half month old German shepherd mix. He is a large puppy, and loves to play and get into mischief. He’s loveable and very smart. He needs a home without other animals or children. He has been around a cat but has a tendency of chasing it. He is crate and potty trained. He has not received his last doses of his puppy shots because the veterinarian couldn’t give him them because he became to protective and scared. He has bit my other dog fighting over a milk bone, dog food, a Kong toy and a chewing bone. He sleeps in his kennel only because I don’t want him fighting with my other dog, he could and would happily sleep outside of the cage.

Contact: Whitney at wmurphy03231993@gmail.com


Lola is a 10 month old Black mouth Cur mix. Loves to run and play. Will play catch or frisbee all day. She is good with kids just full of energy.

Contact Mike at mikebartlett1991@gmail.com


Kitty is a 10 year old cat. My brother is going into a nursing home and we desperately need a place for her. 

She's not been around many people so she will hide until she gets used to someone.

Contact: Carol at cmu4083587@aol.com

Sage and Kitty are both very sweet cats. They love to cuddle and be petted. They have been around dogs their whole lives and are good with them. They get along great with children also. They usually slept in bed with my daughter. They love treats. They have always been inside cats, but they have been outside with my daughter when she has gone out with them.

Contact: Lisa at lnevius@waverlyscotties.com