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Nova was estimated at just over a year old, she is an animal control rescue. We can no longer afford her as I have lost my job, but she is a very good girl. She's potty trained and will sit by whatever door you let her out of if she has to go outside. She loves her toys, running around outside and playing with her tennis ball, and snuggling on the couch receiving pets. She works well with other dogs as well as children of any age, she's very timid and docile. She's never bitten or nipped at anyone, she just wants pets and to hold your hand(not sure why but she really likes holding hands, it's very cute) . She's a good dog, and we are sad to see her go, but we just can't afford her. She will come with dog bowls, her bed, her leash and collar, and her favourite toys. She's already microchipped, has no fleas, has her shots, and is dewormed. She responds to both Nova and Supernova.

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