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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

My cat has been missing for about a week now, we are very worried with everything going on, he was last seen in Chatham IL,  my family and I have went to neighbors and local shelters to ask to keep an eye out or if they’d seen him. His name is Rolley, he doesn’t wear a collar, He is a grey tabby cat w black stripes on his back and white fur on his belly, with golden green colored eyes, very friendly and spunky but can be jumpy, we are hoping to bring him home safely, we lost our microchip papers and information when my brother moved out of state with them on him I wasn’t sure if there was a way they’ve been kept on file somewhere or a way you guys could access his chip. I attached a picture of him below and My contact information, please get back to us if there is any found cats to this description or something we can do to help bring him home.

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