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Updated: Mar 13, 2020

I am having issues with a dog I adopted about 5 years ago. Lela was basically a feral dog who had went thru the socialization program at the prison in Lincoln twice. I originally fostered her and after about a year, I adopted her due to her lack of social skills. I wouldn't say she was ever happy, but she was able to blend in with my family. Fast forward to current situation.....she has done a complete 180. She has regressed back to the way she was. She is scared of her own shadow. Of every noise, every bang, everybody. She lives under my daughters bed and we have to take the mattress and box springs off to get her to go out. She has tore her skin up squeezing out of her kennel when we kennel her. I do know the changes came when my grandson was born and have just gotten worse as he grows. He is almost 2. She isnt happy. She has no aggression and gets along with cats and dogs. But she spends every day in fear and scared. Living under the bed is not a happy life for her and I would like better for her. She wants to love and be loved, but at this point, that is not happening for her here. This isnt new behavior, as I stated, almost 2 years now, with the past month being the absolute worst for her. She is back to being a feral animal and I cant do anything with her. I dont want to just drop her off at a shelter. I would like to find her a quiet home where she can hopefully find her happiness again. Please help me find Lelas ideal home :(

Contact: Lynette

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