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Georgie is a 3 year old male cat.

He is very low maintenance. He drinks a lot of water and doesn’t eat very much food, he sleeps all day. He can mess up blinks because he likes to look outside so if they are open he’d have no problems. He is not declawed but if he has something to scratch then he will be fine with furniture, but he sheds a lot. He is very friendly and greets everyone and he expresses his emotions very openly. He is litter trained and has been fixed so won’t spray unless he’s around other male cats. He’s very sweet and like belly rubs. He doesn’t like human food of any kind or treats, he only eats his food. He eats the green bag of regular food from Walmart, nothing else. He does get along with other cats but it’s not his favorite because he’s an only child/cat and he is afraid of dogs especially ones bigger than him.

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